This is the XFL Show Episode 39: Targeting

The NCAA and NFL enforce targeting in different ways but both have rules in place to keep the game safer. This week’s Hot Read features a debate on how to best enforce this rule while also preventing things like players being ejected for hits that maybe are not as violent as referees see at first glance. We also hear from XFL fans with another “XFL Coast to Coast” segment!

As part of the Cover 2, there is speculation on why the timeline on city announcements is seemingly getting pushed back. Alan, Jake, and Vince also discuss how the XFL can keep the spirit of the original incarnation of the league without having as many silly gimmicks that led to it’s downfall.

XFL Fan Line Question of the Week:

How should the XFL enforce targeting?


One response to “This is the XFL Show Episode 39: Targeting”

  1. Just a suggestion. I don’t suppose you can put bookmarks throughout the podcast as you conclude each topic. It would be nice to skip the intro as it has a little too much of the intensity of the wrestling factor. One of the reasons the original XFL failed, if I’m not mistaken. But other than that, the content on the show is good!

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