Episode 115: Week 3

It is time to get ready for another weekend of football with full game previews for each Week 3 match-up in the XFL! Also hear from DC Defenders Head Coach Pep Hamilton and Dallas Renegades Defensive Lineman Frank Alexander as they give us a double dose of good, crisp interviews.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: If you are in the St. Louis area for the BattleHawks home opener, Alan and Bryant from This is the XFL Show will be hosting an XFL watch party on Saturday February 22nd at Westport Social! Come watch the Saturday slate of XFL games, win prizes, get hype for pro football back in the Dome, and maybe even be on the show!

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5:23 – Dink & Dunk: Latest transactions, This is the XFL Show taking over STL this weekend, crowing Cam Phillips the Week 2 Star of the Week

25:15 – Interview with DC Defenders Head Coach Pep Hamilton

32:38 – Cover 2: Which team needs a W the most in Week 3? & What should the Guardians mascot be named?

49:12 – Interview with Dallas Renegades DL Frank Alexander

56:05 – Game Previews for Week 3 games

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