Episode 108: Rosters Are Set

The 52-man rosters are now official for each team and on this episode we dive into what stands out the most about each team (on paper). Also get an idea of what each team’s on-field style may be with just a hint of speculation about depth charts! And for our Good Crisp Interview, Bryant caught up with L.A. Wildcats team president Heather Brooks Karatz at the team block party. We are closer than ever as we grind out this last week of the preseason!

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8:09 – Brandon Silvers named starter in Seattle

14:43 – Odds makers starting to come up with team win totals

21:06 – Change at defensive coordinator in DC

27:41 – Bob Stoops and Landry Jones spoke about the QB’s injury status

33:51 – Standout roster cuts and additions

40:15 – Good Crisp Interview with L.A. Wildcats President Heather Brooks Karatz

45:00 – Breaking down each team’s 52-man roster

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