This is the XFL Show Episode 51: To Be an XFL QB

Who are the ideal and realistic quarterbacks the XFL could be signing this year? Run down the list of potential field generals with us on this week’s episode! 

Also, the NFL coaching carousel is finally settling down but not without affecting teams in multiple leagues. Get the latest on what it all means for the XFL as well as why the XFL is in a great position to lure young talent away from college football in 2020.


4 responses to “This is the XFL Show Episode 51: To Be an XFL QB”

  1. The XFL quarterbacks have to be in The Tommy Maddox mold. Former 1st round picks looking for redemption like EJ Manuel and Paxton Lynch. Guys like Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel would be ideal as well. A name from the past that makes sense in Houston is Vince Young.

    • I can see some of those, I’m just not sure if they would want to welcome in someone like Manziel though.

  2. Chad kelly would work it’ll give him a chance to earn his way back to an nfl team

  3. Tim Tebow,Johnny Manziel ,Jalen Hurts,John Parker Wilson would definitely be successful in XFl

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