This is the XFL Show Episode 37: Can There Be Too Much Football?

Many of you reached out on social media and the XFL Fan Line in response to this week’s topic which features a debate on whether or not it is possible for the XFL, the Canadian Football League, and the Alliance of American Football to all thrive in the shadow of the NFL. Jake, Alan, and Bryant discuss how the three can coexist, if at all.

Also, news on some more interesting names affiliated with the AAF as well as a discussion on the what the policy on referee criticism should be in the XFL.

XFL Fan Line Question of the Week:

If you can have any coach not currently coaching in the NFL, AAF, or CFL, who would you hire to be in charge of your XFL team?


2 responses to “This is the XFL Show Episode 37: Can There Be Too Much Football?”

  1. I think this time the XFL will be dead in the water with the AAF having a head start. The AAF won’t do much better at their current salary structure. I can’t see how they’ll be able to generate enough revenue at the gate playing only ten games a year, and their TV contract much not be worth much if only one game a week will be on the air. While the new gaming app is interesting, I think this innovation will be another technological failure–at least for them. People want to bet on the “big game” not the warm up before the Triple Crown.

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