This is the XFL Show Episode 32: : The USFL with Author Jeff Pearlman

Jeff Pearlman is a New York Times best-selling author and his latest book entitled Football For a Buck: The Crazy Rise and Crazier Demise of the USFL tells the amazing story of the most successful alternative football league to ever exist.

The United States Football League of the 1980s was an amazing experiment that has inspired many similar leagues, but nothing quite like what the USFL was able to accomplish. Jeff Pearlman gives us insight into what made the league successful, while also telling some truly insane stories that are hard to believe. We also discuss how the XFL compares to the USFL and how spring football in America can become a thing that lasts more than a few years.

For fans of the USFL or younger football fans who just want to hear about this crazy league inspiring the likes of the XFL and AAF, then this episode is an absolute CAN’T MISS!

If you would like to read Football For a Buck, it  can be purchased on Amazon by clicking HERE.


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