This is the XFL Show Episode 31: Ollie In

Jake and Alan discuss Oliver Luck’s email to various football agents, our burning questions for the commissioner, as well as some names that were cut by NFL teams this week that would be intriguing for the XFL.


2 responses to “This is the XFL Show Episode 31: Ollie In”

  1. I heard Oliver Luck say that, in a recent meeting with football advisors, the CFL game was discussed in how the XFL could learn from their experience. What aspects of their game could be beneficial to the XFL in creating more excitement and interest?

    I am an American who enjoys watching the Canadian game when I can see it. I think the larger field and endzones, as well as the backfield movement opens up that game making it higher scoring and entertaining .

    • Excellent question Phillip! That is a topic we have had tabled for awhile and definitely plan on discussing very soon. Thanks for listening!

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